Henley Life Article


Henley Life – October 2015

I like your personal evolution from a life focusing on more material things to one of study, scholarship and the use of that knowledge in the service to others. You are quite an inspiration!

Ann W

I’m up to chapter two. I’m addicted. I couldn’t put it down. Or wait for my holiday!

Natalie D

I have just finished reading your book! What a life and inspiration. I am amazed at your energy and constant drive. Truly inspirational!!!!


I just finished reading your masterpiece. I am not exaggerating, very professionally written and an absorbing read, especially when familiar with the subject. The energy which you so aptly describe I found quite exhausting. Best wishes.

Helga Z

Today I was watching ‘Location, Location, Location’ and noticed the title of your memoirs. So I downloaded onto my Kindle. I have spent the most enjoyable evening reading your life history. What a remarkable lady you are! Such a varied life! So many jobs (none too humble for you) & now a top-rated Counsellor. Truly inspirational! Anyway thank you for your memoirs – much, much enjoyed.


8pm – I just finished your book – and wish it had gone on forever! I didn’t want it to end. How fascinating the different energies and motivations of people!

Tina H

I’m writing to say thank you. I came to see you in 2007, suffering from stress, depression. I was recently watching a ‘Location, Location, Location revisited’ episode and there you were. My counselling sessions with you were instrumental in my recovery. Having seen your own approach to life on the Channel 4 programme, I realised what an inspiration you are. Thank you for helping me.

Ex-counselling client